Malbec is originally from the southwest of France in the region of Cahors, where it was called Cot. ... The Malbec has a very intense and dark cherry red color that can seem almost black. Malbec wines are warm, soft and with very nice sweet tannins.


Delicate aromas of crisp green apple, lemon zest and cream. On the refreshing palate, layers of white peach, ripe pineapple, melon and hints of apricot effortlessly blend with notes of baked apple and subtle hints of creamy toasted oak.

Pinot Noir

The palate is fresh and graceful, with well-structured and fine tannins. Minerality and sapwood dominate the long, long finish. Our signature estate Pinot Noir is the pure expression of our organically dry-farmed Résonance Vineyard, planted on un-grafted rootstock in 1981.

Casanueva Vineyard

Situated at the middle of the Itata Valley, the most exclusive valley in the South of Chile, this five houndred acre property is containing rich volcanic soils. With ideal soils, microclimate and location, the estate's potential was recognized by some of the first Itata Valley settlers and was planted to vineyards in the mid 1860's. Today the property is home to the Casanueva, five houndred acres of vines, an winery, and the many critters that inhabit this organic estate.