Sustainability Casanueva commitment

Casanueva's Vineyards views winemaking as a holistic endeavor, placing a high value on the interaction of land and community in the winemaking process. We strive to be stewards both of the land and our community, sharing in the responsibility of protecting the environment for future generations. Therefore, we use sustainable practices whenever possible in the vineyards and at the winery. jj -Solar power provides 70% of our energy. -All green waste generated from the vineyards and winery is composted and used as a natural fertilizer, returning essential nutrients to our soils. -All cardboard, plastic and glass from bottling is recycled. -Our production facilities are industry leading in water use efficiency. -Double dripper irrigation lines allow us to deliver water only to the sections of our vineyards that need it. Nesting boxes provide homes for barn owls that prey naturally on vineyard pests such as rodents and gophers.